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Customer service

Recall on small magnetic balls

Health Canada has ordered NeoMagnetic Gadgets Inc. to recall magnet sets due to danger to human health and safety. small magnetic balls can be harmful or fatal if swallowed.

These items were sold in Canada from Feb 2010 to JUNE 2013
These products are no longer available in Canada:

NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm RED COPPER
NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm BLUE METAL
NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm DARK
NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm TRIPLE NICKEL
NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm SILVER
NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm GOLD
NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm Metallic Rainbow Glazed Spheres
NeoMagnetic Cube 5mm Metallic Glazed Spheres
NeoMagnetic Square 125
NeoMagnetic Square 216
NeoMagnetic Cube 6mm BLUE METAL
NeoMagnetic Cube 6mm DARK
NeoMagnetic Cube 6mm GOLD
NeoMagnetic Cube 6mm TRIPLE NICKEL
Buckyballs Original
Buckyballs Sidekick
Buckyballs Book Edition

Magnetic bracelet (5mmx12mm)
Magnetic bracelet (7mmx18mm)
Icosahedron Magnetic Sculpture

Health Canada asks customers who have the affected magnet sets to stop using them immediately and contact their municipality for instructions on how to dispose of or recycle the recalled products.

For more information, please contact NeoMagnetic Gadgets Inc. at 1-514-418-4858 or by email at